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  • The difference between single pressing of vegetable oil and double pressing

    Single pressing is pressing on single-acting presses, culminating in the production of cake, further extraction of oil from which is impossible or impractical under these... More
  • Single pressing of oilseeds

    Single pressing is pressing on single-acting presses, culminating in the production of cake, further extraction of oil from which is impossible or impractical under these... More
  • Double pressing of oilseeds

    Double pressing is the extraction of oil by pre-pressing-pre-pressing followed by final pressing - expelling, in order to maximize oil extraction. Primary pressed oil is ... More
  • Cold and hot pressing of vegetable oil

    In the "cold pressing" or so-called "cold pressing" method, the suppressed raw materials are not preheated. Heating occurs during the pressing process... More
  • What problems can arise when using equipment for processing oilseeds?

    When using equipment for processing oilseeds, problems may arise related to the quality of raw materials, the efficiency of the equipment and safety. Therefore, it is imp... More
  • The essence of the two-stage extrusion technology

    The technology of two-stage extrusion pressing includes: cold pre-pressing and subsequent mechanical and thermal treatment of semi-fat cake by extrusion in order to simplify... More
  • Advantages of oilseed processing equipment

    Oilseed processing equipment has a number of advantages, including high efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the ability to process large volumes of raw materials. In addit... More
  • What kind of oil is obtained after the first stage of pressing?

    The oil obtained after the first stage of pressing has the properties of cold pressed oil (good quality oil with low phospholipid content). More
  • Proper storage and processing of cake

    The cake at the outlet of the press of the second press usually has a temperature of more than 100 ° C. It must be cooled for safe storage. For this purpose, a cake coole... More
  • How to manage and automate the processing of oilseeds?

    Control cabinets are installed to separate equipment that are integrated into a control and regulation system (ACS) with a central control panel and software that... More
  • How to deal with the dust that forms during the operation of the equipment?

    All equipment, including transport equipment, is designed to minimize dust emissions and use special cyclone filters. More
  • The parameters of oilseeds that have a decisive influence on the processing process

    For effective pressing, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of oilseeds. The following are the parameters that have a decisive influence on the pressing process.... More
  • The effect of low humidity of oilseeds on the pressing process

    Lower seed moisture (less than 6%) leads to increased pressing pressure and overheating of the press, which also worsens the pressing parameters. For pressing... More
  • Pressing and extrusion technology

    The technology of pressing and extrusion is based on the creation of pressure by mechanical friction against the pressing elements (screws, plates, chambers), the... More
  • Rules for maintenance of technological line equipment

    It is necessary to plan regular cleaning, as well as equipment shutdown and comprehensive cleaning of technological equipment at least once every six months.

    For the production... More
  • Qualitative indicators of finished products obtained as a result of processing

    - Unrefined rapeseed oil of the R brand according to STB 1486-2004.
    - rapeseed oil and mixtures of vegetable oils based on it. General technical conditions;
    - Rapeseed... More
  • Building requirements for the location of the rapeseed processing line

    Oilseed processing equipment should be located in a building with a temperature range from -25 ° C to + 40 °C, with humidity up to 98% (at an air temperature ... More
  • Extrusion of soybeans in the production of edible oil

    Soy contains anti–nutritional substances (urease, a plant enzyme that breaks down urea), which lose their activity during heat treatment. Extrusion makes it possi... More
  • Is the two-stage pressing technology applicable to soybeans?

    For soybeans, given the low oil content, two-stage extrusion technology is usually not used. This technology is designed for seeds with a higher oil content (more than... More
  • Qualitative indicators of finished products after sunflower processing

    - unrefined sunflower oil according to GOST 1129-93 Sunflower oil. Technical conditions;
    - sunflower cake according to GOST 80-96 Sunflower cake. Technical conditions; More