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  • The extruder in the production of feed for cattle and its principle of operation

    It is equipped with an auger that moves the grain along the auger body, as a result of which the raw material succumbs to pressure, heats up to a temperature of 180℃ and ... More
  • Why is compound feed granulated?

    During the granulation process, the feed is preserved and subjected to heat treatment. This reduces the risk of dangerous microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria entering ... More
  • How to enhance the nutritional value of feed?

    By producing extruded feeds, you can achieve the following goals:

    1) increase the efficiency of fattening
    2) save money
    3) the type/ age of the animal - requires ... More
  • How to choose the right granulator model?

    In order to correctly select a specific granulator model, it is strongly recommended to initially calculate the required production capacity. The speed of the line and it... More
  • Matrices for the granulator press, which one is better?

    The main advantages of granulators with annular matrices are higher productivity and high-quality pressing of the feed mixture. More
  • Technical requirements for a compound feed production facility?

    - at least 500 meters distance from cemeteries, sewage treatment plants, landfills;
    - ceiling height of at least 4.5 meters;
    - the air temperature in the production room... More
  • Business in the production of compound feeds and its advantages

    - the product is always in demand — the number of farms is increasing, which means there will always be a need to feed livestock;
    - you don't need a lot of start-up capital... More
  • Advantages of granular compound feeds

    The granules have the same size, weight, shape and composition.
    All animal feed is balanced due to properly selected ingredients and special formulations. More
  • Granular compound feed - storage

    Granulated feed can be stored for 5 years, whereas ordinary grain deteriorates after 1-1.5 years. More
  • Technological stages of compound feed production

    The cooking technology includes the following steps:

    - crushing and grinding of ingredients in special equipment – granulator;
    - mixing until smooth;
    - precise dosing,... More
  • Introduction of liquid components during feed granulation

    The introduction of liquid components can be carried out both in the mixer and sprayed onto granules during granulation of compound feed. More
  • Advantages of the press granulator

    The shelf life of finished products is increasing.
    The cost of transporting compound feed is reduced.
    Safety. The products do not contain bacteria, fungi, parasites and mold... More
  • The extruder for the production of compound feeds - advantages

    Benefits, nutritional value. The digestibility reaches 95%.
    Good taste qualities. High pressure and temperature break down hard-to-digest starch into healthy sugar, making... More
  • What should I choose an extruder or a pellet press?

    Each feed production equipment has its advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to determine how much compound feed you need.

    Experts recommend purchasing an extruder... More
  • Basic set of equipment for the production of compound feeds

    The basic set includes: granulator, crusher, dryer, chopper, mixer, scales

    It is inconvenient and not profitable to buy equipment separately. Therefore, many people prefer... More