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  • Advantages of a drum dryer

    High efficiency. Drum dryers can achieve high drying efficiency, especially when drying materials with low humidity.
    Uniform temperature distribution. Due to the rotation... More
  • What technology is used in the production of pellets from wood waste?

    In the production of pellets from wood waste, a combined technology is usually used, which includes: drying, grinding, combined with granulation and pressing. More
  • Average payback of a fuel pellet production plant

    On average, the costs pay off within 1-2 years More
  • Consumables and components as part of the equipment of the pellet plant

    Matrices, rollers, shells. We have these materials in stock, so the service will be provided promptly. More
  • Should I buy equipment for the production of fuel pellets individually or the entire line as a whole?

    As a rule, it is more profitable to buy an entire line than individual components. This is due to the fact that when you purchase a line, you get all the necessary equipm... More
  • How many operators usually service a pellet plant?

    The line can be serviced by 1-3 operators depending on the capacity. The technology is simple and does not require long-term employee training More
  • Basic equipment for the pellet plant

    -hammer crushers
    -press granulators
    -drying drum
    -heat generator
    -cooling column
    -temporary storage bins
    -disk separator
    -screw conveyor

    In addition, a pellet... More
  • Production sections of a typical pellet plant

    Typical production sections of the pellet plant include:

    – The raw material preparation section, where the cleaning, drying and crushing of wood waste takes place.
    ... More
  • What should be considered when planning a pellet plant?

    Raw material. It is necessary to determine which types of wood will be used for the production of pellets. It can be coniferous or deciduous wood, as well as sawmill waste....

  • Features of screw conveyors

    - overflow sensor in the discharge area
    - reverse execution is possible
    - emergency stop limit switch
    - adjusting the size of the loading neck More
  • Purpose of screw conveyors

    Moving, dosing, mixing, layer alignment More
  • What are fuel pellets?

    These are cylindrical granules made from wood waste (sawdust, wood chips, substandard scraps) or other plant materials (straw, rice husks, buckwheat, sunflowe... More