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Vegetable oil processing lines

Own production

Filtration line
Primary cleaning is necessary for the qualitative separation of oils from mechanical impurities. The filtration rate depends on the viscosity (temperature) and the type of solid impurities. Filtration is carried out using special production equipment.
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Own production

Pressing line
A full range of equipment for completing the pressing line. The productivity of the pressing lines is from 12 tons /day, the maximum productivity of the lines is not limited. The equipment allows processing oilseeds (sunflower, rapeseed, soybeans, cotton, corn).
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Extraction line
The extraction method of oil extraction ensures maximum degreasing of oilseeds, allows you to get high quality oil and fat–free residue - meal.
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Hydration and neutralization line
The equipment is designed for hydration and neutralization of vegetable oils, i.e. special processing of oil using modern technologies in order to improve the quality of the oil and increase its shelf life and sale.
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Winterization line
An effective way to remove wax-like substances from vegetable oil (freezing procedure) is winterization. Winterization lines are completed both in separate sections and as part of complex lines.
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Deodorization line
Deodorization is a necessary technological path to achieve the best quality characteristics of oil. The smell and taste of oil is determined by a substance called “odorant”. Deodorization lines are used to clean oil from “odorants” - substances that affect the taste and smell of the product.
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Adsorption line
The technological purpose of vegetable oil bleaching (adsorption) lines is to remove dyes, as well as a certain amount of peroxide compounds and phosphorus-containing substances.
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Refining-deodorization line
For removing odorants and phosphorus-containing substances, free fatty acids, peroxide compounds, as well as waxy and coloring substances from vegetable oils. Available in two versions: continuous and intermittent. Productivity from 30 to 500 tons/day.
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Raw materials

  • Rape
  • Sunflower
  • Soya beans
  • Amaranth
  • Linen

Technological scheme


  1. Products cake and oil
  2. Increased oil yield
  3. High protein cake
  4. Raw materials for own feed production

Raw materials

  • Mixed herbs
  • Alfalfa
  • Meadow grass
  • Vegetable waste

Technology system


  1. Vitamin-herbal granules
  2. Vitamin-herbal flour

Raw materials

  • Sawdust
  • Wood shavings
  • Bark
  • Wood chips
  • Wood waste mixture

Technological scheme


  1. Fuel pellets
  2. Fuel pellets

Raw materials

  • Cereals
  • Pulses
  • Oilseeds
  • Cake
  • Additives: vitamins, minerals, amino acids

Technological scheme


  1. Loose feed
  2. Granulated feed
  3. Feed for cattle
  4. Compound feed for birds
  5. Complete feed
  6. Concentrated feed
  7. Balancing feed

Equipment advantages

  • Fast payback
  • Versatility
  • Work 24/7
  • Reliability
  • Loading 330 days a year
  • High performance
  • Wear resistance
  • Energy saving
  • Safe to use
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Useful information

  • Is it possible to purchase equipment, a comprehensive line on lease?

    Yes, you can use the leasing program. We offer preferential leasing (according to Decree No. 146) or commercial leasing. To discuss the terms, please contact our specialist.

  • How can I order a complete production line?

    Send your request in any convenient way:

    - by calling +375 29 396 68 68;

    - send the application by e-mail ;

    - send a WhatsApp message, Viber, Telegram or leave a request for the service in one of the forms on the website and you will definitely get a call back to clarify the order.

    In the application, specify the input data for the selection of equipment, requirements, wishes, and features of the room. We will calculate the economic efficiency and propose a design solution.

  • Is it possible to order a non-standard project?

    Yes, you can order an individual project from us. However, this may require more time and resources. Send a request with the required parameters. We will promptly provide an answer about the technical possibilities of manufacturing, develop a design solution, and consult on all issues of interest.