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he private trading unitary enterprise Globalprodservice is not a leasing company, however, it provides the opportunity to supply technological equipment for commercial leasing, cooperating with the leading leasing lessors of the Republic of Belarus for a period of 1 to 5 years, at individual interest rates both in Belarusian rubles and in foreign currency. 

As a manufacturer of technological equipment, Globalprodservice, together with ASB Leasing, Promagroleasing, can provide equipment supplies under the state program in accordance with Decree 146.

Leasing in three steps


Ask a question

If you have decided on the equipment, fill out the application and attach a link; if not, indicate what exactly you need.


Agree on the terms and sign the contract

Registration of documents 

A minimal and simple package of documents for consideration of an application for financing. We will approve the schedule and convenient monthly payment.


Get the equipment

Sign the contract and pay the agreed upon advance amount. You receive new equipment for use.

Unique offers of leasing equipment from the company

Advantages of Leasing
  • An operational solution for financing your projects
  • The distribution of monthly payments allows you to plan expenses
  • Individual conditions for businesses of any size
  • Your choice of the repayment schedule option under the lease agreement is always taken into account
  • The possibility of early purchase of equipment at a residual value in the property
  • Accelerated depreciation of equipment
  • Lease payments are charged to income tax expenses, reducing the tax base
  • VAT on lease payments is deductible in full

Financing terms

  • from 10%

    advance payment

  • up to 5 years

    leasing term

  • new + used


  • equipment

    corresponds to the field of business

  • from 3 million BYN

    the company's revenue per year

  • from 1 year

    the duration of the business

Leasing Your financing conditions

Calculate your payment

Cost of the leased item excluding VAT , BYN
  • 50 thousand
  • 1.525 million
  • 3 million
VAT amount , %
VAT ammount

  • 0
  • 10
  • 20
Cost of the leased item excluding VAT , BYN
  • 0 thousand
  • 1.8 million
  • 3.6 million
Interest rate , %
Interest rate

  • 1
  • 3.0
  • 5
Leasing term , months
  • 89
  • 89
  • 89
Redemption value , %
  • 0.01
  • 12.5
  • 25
Down payment (excluding VAT) , BYN
  • 274500
  • 503250
  • 732000
Down payment (excluding VAT) , %
  • 15
  • 27.5
  • 40

Our offer

Average monthly payment
87 635 BYN

Leasing is better than credit

  • Fast approval

    Client assessment and decision making takes from 1 to 5 days

  • Easy start

    The advance varies from 10 to 49% and depends on your wishes and financing program

  • Tax savings

    With leasing you can save on income tax and VAT deductions up to 40%

  • Attribution of leasing payments to cost

    Optimization of financial flows

Application for leasing

Company name
Name of UNP
Actual location of the company
Full name of contact person
Your phone number
Position of contact person
Comments about the subject of leasing
Protection from automated form filling
Attach file(up to 10 MB)

Good to know

    • What types of leasing are possible?

      • Preferential leasing (Decree No. 146)

      • Commercial leasing

    • Is it necessary to insure the equipment we lease?

      By agreement of the parties.

    • What is the payment period for leasing?

      • The term of the preferential leasing agreement can be from 1 year to 7 years.

      • The term of a commercial leasing agreement can range from 1 year to 5 years.

    • Are there any restrictions on the value of the leased item?

      There are no restrictions on leasing cost.

    • Is early redemption possible?

      Possible, but not earlier than 1 year with recalculation of the lessor's income based on the actual period of use.

    • What can and cannot be done with leased equipment?

      The equipment can be used for its intended purpose; Receive income related to the operation of equipment; Transfer for use to third parties - by agreement; You cannot sell until all payments have been completed; Intentionally render inoperative; Pledge to third parties.

    • What can be the subject of leasing?

      New technological equipment, used equipment.

    • What is the effectiveness of leasing?

      Equipment leasing is one of the most effective financial tools for business development, providing organizations with real growth and expansion of their production and range of products.

      With this opportunity, you can increase the competitiveness and power of the company, reaching a completely different level of business. And an important aspect will be the reduction of tax and operational costs.

    • What documents are required for leasing?

      A list of required documents is available upon request. The packages of required documents differ for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, and the list of documents depends on the type of leasing (preferential or commercial).

    • How is equipment leased?

      • Leave a request on the website or by calling the manager.
      • Generate and submit a package of documents.
      • Expect consideration of the application and decision within 3-5 days.
      • If the decision is positive, you will be able to receive the equipment and start using it as soon as possible.

    • Who can apply for leasing?

      Legal entities (any form of ownership), individual entrepreneurs.

    • What is the procedure for calculating the amount of the next lease payment?

      The next lease payment is calculated as the sum of investment expenses and income of the Lessor in the corresponding period.

    • What is the frequency of leasing payments?


    • What is included in the monthly lease payment?

      • Investment costs;
      • Lessor's remuneration;
      • The cost of insurance, if it was issued.

    • What is the procedure for determining the amount of lease payments?

      In accordance with the leasing payment schedule.

    • What types of lease payments can be offered?

      • Equal
      • Descending
      • Individual schedule

Information disclosure

  • Information about location, operating hours, reference numbers
  • Name, information about state registration
  • Charter of the enterprise
  • Specialization and leasing conditions
  • Reporting