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Washers for extruders

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Keys for extruders

  • Dowels are long metal bars designed to transfer torque from the extruder shaft to the working bodies: screws and washers.
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Glasses for extruders

  • Cylindrical extruder assembly units forming the outer casing of the working chamber. The thickness of the walls of the cups, due to the tight fit of the sleeves and bushings in them, allows the sleeves and bushings not to collapse under the influence of excessive pressure created in the working chamber during the operation of the extruder.
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Sleeves for extruders

  • The sleeves are part of the working body of the extruder, are installed inside the cups and are designed to form the outer surface of the working chamber of the extruder.
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Bushings, tips for extruders

  • The bushings and tips of the extruder are part of the working body of the extruder. Depending on the type and name of the sleeve, there are differences in functional purpose.
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Screws for extruders

  • Screws for extruders are designed for longitudinal movement, abrasion of processed raw materials and creating pressure in the working chamber
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Washers for extruders

  • During the operation of the extruder, various types of washers are used, which perform different functions.
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