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Poultry feed mill for birds from 1 t/h

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Disc crushers

  • Disc mills are compact and easy to grind many types of raw materials, including granules with a diameter of up to 12 mm, with low energy consumption, noise and dust emissions.
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Horizontal counterflow mixer

  • It is intended for mixing the initial components for the production of compound feeds.
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Molasses Mixer

  • To mix liquids, continuous mixing systems are used, which, depending on the performance, are divided into single, double and triple.
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Vertical mixer

  • The vertical mixer is used as a pre-mixer on the crushing line to obtain a good mixture of compressed raw materials for the crusher. The crushing process is improved because all the individual components are mixed before being fed to the crusher.
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Steam mixer

  • The first step in the conditioning process is the use of a steam mixer. Steam injection is necessary for optimal granulation. By introducing dry steam (moisture and temperature) starch gelatinization occurs quickly.
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Air conditioner with time controller

  • Air conditioning is the result of exposure to different humidity, temperature and time. Since humidity and temperature are interrelated, time is the only variable to optimize the process.
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Granulator Press

  • Animal feed can be produced in the form of granules of different diameters and with different strength indicators by granulating raw materials after crushing, mixing and conditioning.
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Local filter

  • The local filter is designed for highly efficient dry cleaning of dusty air released from the product.
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Cyclone filters

  • Filter cyclones of the FCC/A model are used for highly efficient purification of the air flow coming from pneumatic transmission and aspiration systems from dust and small particles in a dry manner.
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Poultry feed mill for birds from 1 t/h

  • The technological line is designed for the production of high-quality feed. Optimal equipment configuration and modern technologies reduce costs and increase efficiency. Complete set of the line for loose, granulated feed.
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