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Magnetic separator

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  • The normalizer is designed to heat oil seeds and grains and continuously feed them into the oil press.
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Air compressor

  • To provide compressed air to pneumatic equipment, equipment and tools used in industry and for other consumer purposes.
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Oil press GL-RP-500

  • For preliminary or final extraction of vegetable oil from high-oil crops.
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Oil press GL-OP-1000

  • For pressing vegetable oil; obtaining a cake of minimum oil content; used as a second-pressing oil press.
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Extruder GL-E-1000

  • Preparation of extruded feed components for farm animals and birds from wheat, rye, barley, corn, peas and soybeans, lupine. Production of cake saturated with protein and fats. Heating of raw materials before oil extraction (preparation of cake for pressing).
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Cooling unit GL-ОE-1000

  • For cooling bulk products immediately after extrusion or oil extraction, before storage. To prevent the process of protein denaturation in the cake. The installation consists of a drum with a screw, a loading nozzle, a cyclone with a sluice gate.
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Magnetic separator

  • Magnetic separators are used to purify raw materials, remove metal impurities from products and production waste, as well as to control the quality of finished products.
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